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NFC Experience

Experience a range of NFC services on your device while at MAE

Experience NFC in action at Mobile Asia Expo

Following a very successful first year, Mobile Asia Expo 2014 will once again offer attendees the chance to participate in an environment where information and transactions are exchanged through mobile using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

NFC is a short-range form of wireless communication technology with the potential to radically alter the way we interact with the world. With a simple tap, NFC-enabled mobile phones allow secure access to new payments, transactions and services across a range of sectors. The use of NFC technology continues to grow across Asia with retail, transport, financial and advertising companies leading the way.

The NFC Experience at MAE will provide the opportunity for you to try some of these services first-hand at Mobile Asia Expo and provide you a glimpse into a world where everything is just a tap away.

More details on the NFC Experience will be available soon.

Showcase your NFC Services

If you’d like to showcase your NFC services to Asia’s most influential players and significant consumers, please contact us today.